Addressing the OWASP Mobile Top 10 2024 Requirements

Today, there are a range of risks that expose mobile applications—and the personal and corporate data these apps access. As mobile apps become more sophisticated, the avenues for cyberattacks increases. How do you identify the most critical risks and take steps to address them? OWASP Mobile Top 10 As a security or application development leader, […]

At the Core: A Summary of Gartner’s “A Guidance Framework for Building an Application Security Program”

In an era where digital transformation has accelerated the pace at which applications are developed, deployed, and consumed, the critical significance of application security has never been more pronounced. Malicious actors are increasingly turning their attention to web and mobile applications, seeking to exploit any chink in their digital armor. To counter these threats, organizations […]

Mobile Apps: How to Manage Their Access to Your Data

Many mobile applications are built to connect users directly to a company’s goods or services. Often, apps are developed to take a process that was once cumbersome, such as finding directions from one place to another, and to provide a seamless user experience with information right at their fingertips. To do this, mobile app developers […]

Looking Forward to 2024 and Top Mobile Security & Privacy Trends in 2023

A conversation with Steve Schofield, Full-Time AppSec Developer and Part-Time Adjunct Teacher, and Ilya Dreytser, Head of Sales and Customer Engineering at Quokka Navigating through mobile security is an evolving challenge both for developers and end users. Steve Schofield, a full-time application security developer and part-time adjunct teacher, and Ilya Dreytser, head of sales and […]