Today’s advanced mobile applications require automated mobile app security testing

App functionality has become more sophisticated in order to handle a wide range of sensitive data and, therefore, has expanded the cyberattack surface. The diverse nature of mobile platforms and the velocity of mobile app development only amplifies these security risks. Organizations should incorporate mobile application security testing (MAST) into their app development lifecycle to minimize security risks. The goal is to identify and proactively remediate issues related to coding, design, packaging, deployment, and runtime circumstances before deployment.

Quokka’s defense-grade mobile app security solution

Q-MAST, Quokka’s automated mobile app security testing solution, enables organizations to leverage proprietary mobile security intelligence in order to:

  • remediate zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits, often found in 3rd party code libraries


  • generate precise SBOM (software bill of materials) to specific library version, including embedded libraries


  • comply with NIAP, NIST, and MASVS security standards


  • test compiled app binary with static, dynamic, interactive and forced-path execution app analysis

Why Quokka’s Q-MAST for mobile app security testing


Q-MAST offers a broad and in-depth range of tests (SAST, DAST, IAST, forced-path execution) at any stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), from design to deployment.

Easy DevSecOps

With a design tailored for DevSecOps workflows, Q-MAST supports continuous, automated security testing that aligns with tools like Jenkins, GitLab, and GitHub.


Actionable threat intelligence insights, fueled by known exploits and over a decade of proprietary original research, provide developers and analysts with the unique ability to identify and remedy vulnerabilities that other tools and app stores miss.

According to Gartner’s A Guidance Framework for Building an Application Security Program, “Security and risk management (SRM) technical professionals focused on application security should automate security verification and testing practices for applications.” Further, “Security must be seen as an integral part of the development processes and not a separate silo.”


Defense in Depth: How MAST and Pen Testing Work Together

Join experts from Quokka, the leader in mobile app security, and Trustwave, a premier penetration testing provider, for a discussion on the complementary roles of Manual Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) and Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) in fortifying mobile app security. This session highlights how these methodologies can be integrated to create a robust security framework for mobile apps. Watch webinar.

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