Advantages of mobile app vetting

Organizations need to vet the mobile apps their employees use for several reasons:

  • Security: Unvetted apps might have vulnerabilities that could compromise sensitive company data or expose devices to malware and cyber threats.
  • Data Privacy: Many apps collect user data, sometimes including personal or corporate information. Without vetting, there’s a risk of data breaches or unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Compliance: Depending on the industry, there might be regulatory requirements regarding data protection and privacy. Using unapproved apps could lead to non-compliance with these regulations.
  • Reputation Management: If employees use unapproved apps that lead to security incidents or data breaches, it can damage the organization’s reputation and erode trust with customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Overall, mobile application vetting, sometimes referred to as MAV, helps organizations mitigate risks, maintain compliance, improve productivity, and protect their assets and reputation.

Quokka’s automated mobile app vetting solution

Q-Vet is a mobile app vetting solution that gives deep insights into the security and privacy posture of any 3rd party app for pass/fail decision-making without needing access to source code to ensure the integrity of your enterprise network. Q-Vet’s platform:

  • Performs automated Static (SAST), Dynamic (DAST) and Interactive Analysis (IAST) as well as advanced behavioral analysis including forced execution of seemingly dormant paths in the code and null fuzzing.
  • Investigates and verifies the security and privacy of the mobile apps inside your MDM secure container as well as the rest of the apps installed on the device without compromising end users’ privacy
  • Automatically tests new app versions to proactively protect your app store

Why Quokka’s Q-Vet for mobile app vetting

Allowlist and Blocklist
Vetted Apps

Maintain an inventory of company-approved apps vetted by Q-Vet for allowed deployment to employees. Likewise, block any apps that do not meet corporate security standards. Keep track of the naughty list.

Validate Your Trusted
Apps With Q-Vet

Ensure the security of the applications that you deploy for business use before they are added to your container, then protect your whole device by vetting the rest of the apps that could introduce vulnerabilities into your network. We like to be complete.

Industry and Corporate
Standards Compliance

Vet your mobile apps to make sure they are in compliance with well-known industry standards such as NIAP, GDPR, HIPAA and your organization’s security standards. Sometimes, standards can be good for you.

According to the Automating National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Requirements Testing for Mobile Apps study by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology, “Mobile app vetting solutions, exemplified by Kryptowire’s (now Quokka) products, can be one component among several that can work together to improve the security of the mobile app ecosystem and supply chain.”


Assessing the Security and Privacy of Mobile Applications in NHS Apps Library

The NHS Apps Library utilized rigorous vetting procedures to ensure the Library’s mobile applications were fit for purpose and met appropriate criteria (i.e., health merits, accessibility, technical stability, security and privacy). See how they leveraged Quokka’s automated mobile application security and privacy testing solution and saw significant benefits in time and cost-savings. Download case study.

Mobile security that makes you smile.

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