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Becoming Quokka

Dana Waldman | September 12, 2022

Dana Waldman

September 12, 2022

Welcome to a new world … Welcome to a new beginning … Welcome to Quokka!

Today, I’m excited to reveal our new company name—Quokka—and share with you the reason behind the name and how we put proactive privacy protection at the forefront of what we do.

Quokka is a mobile security company that provides unparalleled solutions that protect you and your data without intruding on your privacy. We enable businesses and their work force to co-exist with confidence in a work and live anywhere world.

Why Quokka?

When identifying a new brand name we found it important to be something we and our users could metaphorically embrace and feel connected to. We wanted people to know our goal is to do good things, while doing things good. So when we started thinking about what we stand for as a company and as a platform, we immediately gravitated to the quokka.

Quokka is known as the world’s happiest animal – they have no fear, are approachable with everyday people and make you feel good and at peace. Look up quokka and you’ll know what we mean, unless of course you have a fear of adorable, smiling marsupials.

Our proactive, privacy-first, data protection solutions help people take control of their digital world before something bad happens. Our goal is to keep users safe and secure, and like the quokka maybe we can make them smile a little too!

Why Now?

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end.
But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

—Winston Churchill

At Quokka we are focused on creating security and privacy solutions that give real confidence, freedom from worry and can easily be embraced.

Unlike most security players who focus on living in fear, being on high alert and casting shadows over your digital life. We believe in proactive privacy protection – giving everyone – enterprise and end user insight into where vulnerabilities may lie and provide simple steps you can take to proactively address these vulnerabilities without intruding on your personal data.

So stop sitting around and waiting for data leaks and privacy threats to strike, become Quokka Secure and take back control of your smart devices and modern apps.

How Does Quokka Help?

Our users realize the benefits of being Quokka Secure through our “Find and Fill” security. We proactively identify security gaps for BYOD devices, then provide the IT team and the end user options to make the best fixes, all without ever poking around in private data. Safe devices, protected users, secure organization. That’s the power of proactive protection, of being Quokka Secure.

The Future of Quokka

We’re the digital security and privacy company dedicated to delivering peace of mind.

We battle the trend towards fear in mobile security with the power of peace of mind. We do it by being connective, user-focused and staying ahead of the mobile convergence. We enable airtight mobile security solutions, all delivered with a light touch – perfect for the privacy needed in the work and live anywhere world.

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