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Protecting mobile requires zero trust to mitigate security, privacy, and malicious threats

See how Quokka’s mobile security solutions protect apps and devices used by millions globally

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Automated mobile app security testing

Integrate with CI/CD & DevSecOps tools to ship higher quality, secure apps – faster.

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App vetting for 3rd party apps

Scan and vet apps from public or private app stores without the need for source code.

Q-scout mobile endpoint security product

Privacy-first mobile endpoint protection

Respect the privacy of workers, manage mobile access & secure corporate resources.

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Helping protect the mobile ecosystem

Security teams

Protect your organization from mobile zero-day attacks – whether developing apps or deploying enterprise apps to enable a mobile workforce

~50% of organizations experience mobile compromises [1]

IT teams

Enable your mobile workforce with the peace of mind they’re using vetted enterprise apps on secure devices, all while protecting their privacy

70% of successful data breaches originate at endpoint devices [2]

App developers

Ship high-quality, secure apps faster to keep up with the pace and complexity of development while protecting your organization from fraud and breaches

90% faster with automated app security testing [3]


Provide your customers with apps vetted for security, with the services they need to protect their mobile fleets from zero-day exploits

100% mobile fleet coverage, with or without an MDM

Mobile security that makes you smile.

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