Security solutions

Your customers need protection against evolving security risks from daily business use of mobile devices

Sell Q-scout privacy-first mobile endpoint protection as an MSSP to deliver 100% fleet coverage to your customers

Fill a recognized gap in your portfolio

Provide a service for customers who can’t, or haven’t, committed to an MDM yet need to protect COPE, BYOD, or mixed fleets

Zero-trust BYOD security

Validate whether managed or personal mobile apps do not contain malicious code and meet security and privacy compliance standards

App security intelligence for UEM

Integrate with existing MDM and MTD solutions to detect and block zero-day threats residing in managed and/or personal apps

“Q-scout is the first mobile security application that effectively balances corporate security and user privacy needs, unlocking the true potential of BYOD and other organizational networks. As more employees favor mobile devices and applications for personal and professional engagement, security solutions must protect organizational integrity without intruding into an individual user’s personal life. Q-scout delivers on that promise.”

Roger Thorton, Co-Founder and General Partner at Ballistic Ventures (formerly VP, Products & Technology at AT&T Cybersecurity)

Understand the app security gaps created by BYOD – and 4 steps to address them.

Q-scout privacy-first mobile endpoint protection

Respect the privacy of workers, manage mobile access & secure corporate resources.

The Quokka Advantage

Mobile security benefits that make you smile

ROI of prevention

Help customers block malicious or colluding apps that attempt to exfiltrate data from mobile devices to prevent costly breaches

Informed decisions

Enable customers to make risk-based business decisions about which mobile devices can access their data & systems based on real-world intelligence

Peace of mind

Confidently sell the app security intelligence solution that delivers the industry’s most comprehensive insights, even for the latest mobile OS versions, in minutes

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