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Your mobile app and data attack surface keeps expanding, with increasing complexity

Get the visibility and actionable insights you need to make risk-based decisions about how to protect your organization from zero-day mobile vulnerabilities and exploits. 

Protecting the mobile ecosystem

Mobile security has historically been underfunded – Quokka can cost-effectively reduce your mobile risk.

Mobile security intelligence 

Integrate actionable mobile app security insights based on real-world context with existing toolchains

Zero trust for mobile

Get visibility into all mobile assets – and the ability to test apps extensively for zero-day vulnerabilities and threats.

Software composition

Generate precise SBOM and analysis for vulnerability reporting down to specific library version, including embedded libraries

Privacy compliance

Ensure mobile app and enterprise mobility initiatives comply with data privacy standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, OWASP, NIAP and more

Explore how Quokka delivers actionable mobile security intelligence

Remediate mobile zero-day vulnerabilities proactively — before they become incidents that threaten privacy, intellectual property, sensitive data, and brand reputation.


Integrate with CI/CD & DevSecOps tools to ship higher quality, secure apps – faster.


Respect the privacy of workers, manage mobile access & secure corporate resources.

The Quokka Advantage

Mobile security benefits that make you smile

ROI of prevention

Scan all mobile apps to remediate malicious code in order to prevent costly supply chain attacks and breaches that harm your brand

Informed decisions

Make risk-based decisions during software development or deployment of 3rd party apps based on real-world mobile app intelligence

Peace of mind

Know your app security intelligence solution delivers the industry’s most comprehensive insights, even for the latest OS versions, in minutes

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Mobile security that makes you smile.

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