Mobile app security solutions

Patients expect mobile healthcare access – and privacy for personal info

Rely on Quokka Contextual Mobile Security Intelligence for proactive healthcare mobile app security. Mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities that can be exploited for ransomware, data breaches, and privacy violations.


Maintain consumer trust and adoption of healthcare & administration via mobile apps

Medical centers

Enable medical staff to use trusted mobile apps while treating their patients

Clinical trials

Assure mobile apps are secure & protect privacy throughout decentralized clinical trials

“Quokka is a great partner for our mobile application security. They prioritize customer success, and their support reflects that commitment. The tool consistently delivers fast, accurate results in a clear and user-friendly format.”

Information Security Engineer, US academic medical center

Helping healthcare institutions protect the mobile ecosystem

Mobile security has historically been underfunded – Quokka can cost-effectively reduce your mobile app threat risk.

Protect against ransomware

Mobile app vulnerabilities can be exploited to exfiltrate data for follow-on fraud attacks or be the target of ransomware.

Prevent malicious data breaches

Personal healthcare data need to be protected to maintain patient trust & regulatory compliance.

Comply with privacy regulations

Healthcare institutions must comply with governmental regulations to protect patient information.

Enable mobile treatment & admin

Healthcare staff and patients need to know they can trust the apps they’re using to access medical information.

Quokka mobile security solutions for healthcare

Harden financial apps with automated MAST

Ensure secure access with mobile endpoint protection

The Quokka Advantage

Mobile security benefits that make you smile

ROI of prevention

Scan all mobile apps to remediate malicious code in order to prevent costly supply chain attacks and breaches that harm your brand

Informed decisions

Make risk-based decisions during software development or deployment of 3rd party apps based on real-world mobile app intelligence

Peace of mind

Know your app security intelligence solution delivers the industry’s most comprehensive insights, even for the latest OS versions, in minutes

Trusted by the US Federal Government since 2011

Quokka discovers and delivers unsurpassed mobile security intelligence

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