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Quokka Celebrates and Honors Veterans Day

Quokka | November 11, 2022


November 11, 2022

Today, we honor the patriots who have earned the title of “United States Veteran” and pay tribute to the military members who have served our country.

At Quokka, we are proud to work with our veterans! We’ve asked Army veteran and Quokka’s Junior Software Engineer, Michael Murphy to share his experience in the military and how it led him to his current role here at Quokka.

veterans standing in a line

Q: Tell us about yourself and what branch of the military you served in?

My name is Michael Murphy and I am a Veteran of the US Army. While in the Army, I was an Infantryman in the 1st Battalion 87th Infantry Regiment in Fort Drum, NY. I currently live in Austin, TX and I’m the new dad of an eight month old, so a lot of my spare time is spent with him. Other than being a dad, I really enjoy powerlifting, playing video games, and board games.

Q: What inspired you to join the Army?

Serving and contributing to something much bigger than myself is what really inspired me to join the Army.

Q: What made you decide to take a job as an Engineer, did the Army help influence this?

I’ve always been interested in computers growing up and while I was enlisted, the Army gave me opportunities to further my interest in computers by becoming a Radio Operator for my platoon. While working with communication equipment; I learned how to set it up from the ground up which continued to spark my interest in computer technology. I enjoyed learning about them and how to configure various radios we needed to use and train with on the battlefield.

Q: How did the Army prepare you for your role today?

During my time in service, I was taught to be adaptable in every situation, be prepared for everything, and above all, the value of teamwork. The Army prepared me by teaching me how to work towards something, adapt to any and all situations. But most importantly, I was taught how to work as a team to accomplish tasks.

Q: How have the lessons from the Army assisted you here at Quokka?

The lessons and values I was taught in the Army are even more instilled in me here at Quokka. In the time I’ve been employed at Quokka, I have already learned so much. They truly invest in their employees and have taken the time to teach and train me, giving me confidence to move forward in the tech and security industry. With Quokka, I have been able to integrate the skills and lessons that I learned while in the Army. I am excited to continue being challenged and motivated here at Quokka.

Q: What advice do you have for other military personnel looking to move into cybersecurity?

My advice for those who have an interest in this industry is that it doesn’t matter what your job was in the military before you start this journey. You can learn new things, and work hard towards your goal. You’ve already proved it by joining the military and performing all the tasks/missions presented to you. So I know that any veteran can adapt and overcome the challenges that come with the transition to a new career in cybersecurity.

On behalf of Quokka, thank you for your service Michael Murphy and thank you to all our U.S. Veterans out there.

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