Quokka is Proud to Name Vertosoft as a New Distributor

We’re excited to have Vertosoft as a new Public Sector Distributor. We will now have access to Vertosoft's vast network of state, local, and federal contracts and public sector partners.

We’re excited to have Vertosoft as a new Public Sector Distributor. We will now have access to Vertosoft’s vast network of state, local, and federal contracts and public sector partners.

With agencies continuing to work from home, it’s important to ensure all mobile devices are secure with privacy and data protection. We noticed the risks created by the work and live-anywhere world and built ahead-of-the-curve mobile security tools for developers, enterprises, private and public sector entities and end users that deliver actionable intelligence and a clear path toward proactive digital security without compromising on protecting personal data.

Josh Slattery, VP of Technology Sales at Vertosoft stated that “with third-party mobile application scrutiny at an all-time high in public sector CISO organizations and the increase in work-from-home and BYOD policies, Public Sector is increasingly in need of vetted and efficient mobile application security tools to identify bad actors more proactively within organizations. We are excited about our partnership with Quokka, as the Quokka platform is the only platform validated to support NIAP mobile application security standards on the market, and will power the industry’s first FedRamp-certified CISA Mobile App Vetting program available to Federal Civilian Executive Branch Agencies.”

Q-Scout is our BYOD-first, privacy-based security solution that safeguards agencies and employees while they work remotely, giving them the ability to detect non-compliant devices trying to access its secure information. Our Q-MAST and Q-Vet solutions work hand and hand in assessing mobile apps. Q-MAST tests mobile app devices looking for security, privacy, and code issues on iOS and Android Apps. While Q-Vet provides a detailed vetting system for mobile apps, creating an agency-wide approved list and block list of pre-vetted apps that are secure, safe, and compliant with an agency’s security standards.

“Quokka is committed to making mobile device and application security more robust, user-friendly, and privacy-minded, and this partnership affords us the opportunity to help a wide network of end users and organizations nationwide,” said Matt Lantinga, Vice President of Global Sales at Quokka. “Our roots are in government security, and we look forward to applying our skills, knowledge, and innovative technology to making Vertosoft’s partners safer and more secure.”

About Vertosoft

Vertosoft is a high-value distributor providing the most coveted innovative and emerging technology solutions to the government. Our comprehensive solution portfolio with our elite services provides partners and suppliers with the enablement, inside sales support, contracts, and compliant systems required to drive growth in the government market.

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