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Quokka’s Deep History in Mobile Security

Quokka’s Deep History in Mobile Security

Quokka | December 19, 2022


December 19, 2022

We have a rich and unique history in mobile security. Our company, Quokka, formerly known as Kryptowire, was founded more than a decade ago by Angelos Stavrou, then a professor at George Mason, and a leading team of security engineers and scientists who graduated from George Mason University. What started as a research project funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), soon became a multi-million dollar mobile application security company.

Over the past seven years, the research and development team have discovered over 500+ mobile security vulnerabilities and have over 200+ CVEs published, which has helped to address the security concerns of our government and commercial customers and create value in our enterprise. The team has also consistently published novel security research in top academic and technical conferences. This expertise and knowledge has allowed us to further grow our company and add more leaders with a rich history in the federal and corporate space, such as CEO Dana Waldman and Chief Strategy Officer Ted Wolcott. With our history and new leadership we are well poised to get our products into more hands and provide the security and privacy needed across all mobile devices.

Throughout our company’s history, our mission has always been to provide proactive mobile security that makes our customers, their organizations, and employees feel safe and secure. Quokka is the mobile security company dedicated to delivering peace of mind and creating ahead-of-the-curve security tools that have a light touch and enables our users to deliver actionable intelligence and provides them with rigorous mobile security guarantees.

Our commitment to our customers and partners has remained steadfast and resolute over the years. In Quokka’s new journey, we look to expand our commitment even further as we continue to grow our business and product line to address evolving mobile security needs. Our team is committed to putting Quokka at the forefront of digital security. We have world-leading proprietary technology. We have a “best-in-class” Mobile Application Security Testing platform (MAST). We have customers across many industry verticals from Federal to Finance to Healthcare and more. And we have world-leading investors who are helping us grow and scale.

Take a look at our rich history here.

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