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What Does it Mean to be Quokka Secure?

Melissa Gaffney | November 21, 2022

Melissa Gaffney

November 21, 2022

In today’s day and age, security is a critical concern in every step of application development, from planning through deployment and beyond. The sheer volume alone of applications being developed, distributed, used, and patched over networks is rapidly expanding. As a result, security for applications must defend against the advancement and variety of cyber threats.

The market for mobile apps is predicted to generate up to $935 billion in revenue by 2023, according to Business of Apps – meaning that mobile apps are pretty much indispensable. While this is good news for those who create and publish mobile apps, there’s concern that the increased usage means more opportunities for hackers to exploit security vulnerabilities.

The Dangers of Not Securing Your Mobile Applications

Cyber threats negatively affect your business’ bottom line and its reputation. The rate of data breaches and cyberattacks continually increase every year. We are seeing companies losing millions of dollars in revenue alone not to mention the legal fees they endure. For example, Capital One had to pay around $190 million in a settlement to customers whose personal data was stolen in a data breach. The question now is – how can organizations secure their company and customers data from cyberattacks? This is where Mobile Security comes into play.

The Quokka Difference

Quokka strives to deliver trusted and secure solutions that give end users the power of peace of mind by helping expose security gaps before threats can cause damage. So, stop sitting around and waiting for data leaks and privacy threats to strike, become Quokka Secure and take back control of your smart devices and modern apps.

How to Become Quokka Secure

Our users realize the benefits of being Quokka Secure through our “Find and Fill” security. We proactively identify security gaps, then provide the enterprise and the end user options to make the best fixes, all without intruding into private data and application use. Safe devices, protected users, secure organization. That’s the power of proactive protection, of being Quokka Secure.

Let’s dive into what it means to be Quokka Secure for each Quokka solution.

Quokka Secure for Q-Vet

Quokka is able to automate the analysis of any 3rd party mobile app, whether it was built by the Enterprise or being consumed by the Enterprise via the Q-Vet portal. Quokka provides reports allowing IT leaders and mobility administrators to quickly identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities, malicious or suspicious behaviors before an app is ever used by personnel or recommended to customers. If the app is approved, you are Quokka Secure.

Quokka Secure for Q-MAST

Quokka uses the app binary or it can automatically download and test apps from the App Store as new versions become available, allowing users to quickly identify risky updates before they install them. Quokka is able to automate the analysis of any 3rd party mobile app, whether it was built by the Enterprise or being consumed by the Enterprise. We provide pass/fail evidence down to the line of code to assure transparent and high-confident results. If the app passes, it is Quokka Secure.

Automated testing with Quokka’s Q-MAST solution means Engineering, Security and DevOps teams have unparalleled insight into application security throughout the development lifecycle. Uploading an app binary or testing already publicly available apps, allows developers to secure all versions of the app prior to deployment. With pass/fail evidence down to the line of code and library version, if an app passes, it is Quokka Secure.

Quokka Secure for Q-Scout

Q-Scout tells you the access level every app on your device has to your personal data and your device’s permissions (like your camera, microphone, photo library and more). It will share with you which apps are sending data to third-parties and who those third-parties are. Q-Scout will immediately let you (and/or your corporation) know and provide you with ways to fix it. Q-Scout will share with you whether you are non-compliant or compliant with your companies’ security standards and corporate policies. If you are compliant, you are Quokka Secure.

Now You’re Quokka Secure

Acquiring the Quokka Secure seal of approval means your app can be trusted and is least likely to impact your user’s personal privacy.

We are a different kind of digital security and privacy company, we want our users to have less fear, and more peace of mind: less worry, and more confidence in their security solutions. Preserving personal privacy is at the core of what we do, and our hope is that our users experience the freedom that comes with knowing they are Quokka Secure.

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