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Beginning in 2011, Quokka, then known as Kryptowire, was the first and is still the US government's longest-running mobile app security vendor working both federal and state organizations. A leader in iOS and Android compliance and vulnerability testing with its flagship product Q-MAST, Quokka’s zero day threat detection has been developed by a group of elite cyber security experts and pen testers. Led by Dr. Angelos Stravrou, NIST Mobile Security team member and VA Tech professor, the team has been at the leading edge of mobile security.

Quokka’s flagship Q-MAST solution allows developers to scan pre-production application versions and determine vulnerabilities or risks down to the line of code. This includes both proprietary code and the tens of thousands of open source libraries commonly included in mobile apps. Allowing organizations to turn mobile security testing into a continuous process that easily integrates into the software development pipeline, Q-MAST layers standard IAST, SAST, DAST testing with more advanced analysis engines, functionality and insight.

As frequent presenters at DefCon and BlackHat, the R&D arm of Quokka continues to be on the forefront of vulnerability research and discovery, of which there have been more than 210 registered CVEs, and with more than 350 academic papers published in prestigious journals and conferences. With awards ranging from the DHS Bang for the Buck Award of the Department of Homeland Security to being named to CRN’s Mobile 100, Quokka has been listed as a sample vendor under Mobile Application Security Testing in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Application Security in 2022 and 2023 and is included in the top right corner of IDC’s Mobile Application Security Testing Market Scape since 2019.

Having added the new products of Q-Vet and Q-FAST to provide proprietary testing methodologies to publicly-available, third-party applications and hardware testing, respectively, the Quokka team in 2021 brought on seasoned CEO Dana Waldman, as well as investment from USVP and Crosslink Capital, to scale the company and launch the next generation of mobile security. Focusing on proactive protection of mobile devices using our unique understanding of app and device risks and vulnerabilities, Q-Scout is uniquely focused on enterprise security while protecting personal privacy.

Per Gartner® analyst, James Hoover “Identity-first security approaches can lead to better security outcomes, but push controls closer to the user than in other paradigms. This research can help security and risk management leaders improve both security and user experience by taking a human-first approach to identity-first security.”

Built on the same leading edge mobile security framework/foundation of the entire suite of Quokka products, Q-Scout equips companies with the assurance that all the mobile devices connected to corporate resources are safer without any unnecessary exposure or access to the personal data on the individual devices.

This means unlike traditional MDMs, employee privacy is fully protected while providing proactive protection to get ahead of attacks rather than simply observing threats after they happen. With proactive security and zero-day discovery, Q-Scout offers enterprises an industry-leading personal device management solution protecting against all mobile cyber threats while maintaining user privacy.

With customers ranging from the FDA to Pokemon, Quokka provides mobile app security products for CISO’s with dozens of apps in multiple countries like HSBC and to CIOs managing the world’s most important healthcare data like at the University of Ohio Wexler Medical Center hospital system. Partnering with the Department of Homeland Security’s CISA Quokka has helped ensure the safety of Americans abroad while also working with Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) at the BBB to test apps for COPPA compliance to keep children safe as well.

Kryptowire Announces Rebrand to Quokka

Quokka, a digital security and privacy company, today announced its official rebrand from Kryptowire to Quokka. Alongside the rebrand comes a refreshed mission to transform the world of digital security beyond distrust and provide proactive mobile security that makes you and your customers, organization, and employees feel safe and secure.

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Becoming Quokka

Quokka is a mobile security company that provides unparalleled solutions that protect you and your data without intruding on your privacy no matter if you are a corporation, employee or individual user. We enable businesses and their workforce to co-exist with confidence in a work and live anywhere world, and give individuals the peace of mind their need when navigating their digital lives.

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We’re the digital security and privacy company dedicated to delivering peace of mind. We battle the trend towards fear in mobile security with the power of peace of mind. We do it by being connective, user-focused and staying ahead of mobile convergence. We enable airtight mobile security solutions, all delivered with a light touch – perfect for the privacy needed in the work and live anywhere world.

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Quokka 2023 Predictions

In the new year, we will expect to see the relentless battle between cyber protectors and cyber criminals continue. Let’s take a look at some 2023 predictions from our Quokka executives and Research & Development Team.

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Quokka Announces GitLab Integration

Q-MAST is available on GitLab’s One DevOps Platform allowing mobile app developers to test their apps during the development process, ensuring they deliver mobile applications that meet security and quality standards.

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Kryptowire Announces Rebrand to Quokka

Quokka seeks to be the source for digital security and privacy solutions, staying steps ahead of the threat and delivering peace of mind for the work and live anywhere world.

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