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Find the information you're looking for in our library of blogs, news, videos, whitepapers and more.

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Election Security and Vote-by-App

Election security is a serious issue, and it is only getting worse. Mobile election apps are vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to their dependence on third-party applications for data storage, data processing and data transmission.

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Introducing Q-Scout, a Mobile Security Solution for the Modern World

Q-Scout - the first mobile security solution of its kind to balance
employee access to corporate networks with robust personal privacy.

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Kryptowire Announces Rebrand to Quokka

Quokka seeks to be the source for mobile security and privacy solutions, staying steps ahead of security threats and delivering peace of mind for the growing work from and live anywhere world.

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Keep up to date with the latest industry news in cybersecurity's ever-evolving landscape.

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Stress Less This Holiday Season By Knowing You’re Shopping App is on the Quokka “Nice List”

Holiday shopping should mean more merriment and less stress. In Quokka’s 2022 Nice List, we showcase the apps offering holiday shoppers what we consider the safest and most private mobile commerce experience possible.

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Putting the “Your Own” in “Bring Your Own Device”

Save your organization money and avoid buying corporate owned devices by putting the “Your Own” in “Bring Your Own Device.” Discover how this balance is achieved with Q-Scout.

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What Does it Mean to be Quokka Secure?

Safe devices, protected users, secure organization. That’s the power of proactive protection, of being Quokka Secure. Learn how you can become Quokka Secure.

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In the News

Stay up to date on the latest press releases, news stories and media highlights from Quokka.

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Quokka Publishes the Shopping App “Nice List” for the 2022 Holiday Season

November 28, 2022

Research Test Reveals the Shopping Apps that Pose the Least Security and Privacy Risks

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Quokka Announces GitLab Integration

November 1, 2022

Q-MAST is available on GitLab’s One DevOps Platform allowing mobile app developers to test their apps during the development process, ensuring they deliver mobile applications that meet security and quality standards.

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Introducing Q-Scout, a Mobile Security Solution for the Modern World

September 13, 2022

Q-Scout - the first mobile security solution of its kind to balance employee access to corporate networks with robust personal privacy.

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Videos and content where you can learn about the latest threats, trends and issues in cybersecurity. Join us from wherever you are.

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Is Your Mobile App Supply Chain Putting Your Organization at Risk?

Demand for innovative mobile apps has led to organizations seeking third-party support for development and UX. However, outsourcing can create security challenges, leaving users open vulnerabilities. This webinar outlines application security during and after the development process.

Going Back into the Office? Learn How to Secure your BYOD & Protect Your Company

With many companies being in the early stages of returning to the office, we’re here to remind you that careful planning to secure employee’s devices during this time is very important and we’re here to help.

The Murky World of Supply Chain: How to Prevent and Mitigate Risks

Wondering what software supply chain attacks are? How can they affect you and the cyber world at large? And how can you best prevent one?


Insights and helpful assets for exploring cybersecurity and digital security.

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What Is Mobile Security?

The market for mobile apps is predicted to generate up to $935 billion in revenue by 2023 – meaning that mobile apps are pretty much indispensable. In this whitepaper we discuss the importance of mobile application security and how consistently testing mobile apps in the development process can ensure overall app security and quality.

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Healthcare Hacking and Protecting mHealth Apps

Threat actors are incentivized by money and currently, selling healthcare records is one of the most lucrative forms of cyber theft. In this whitepaper, we discuss mHealth apps and risks they currently face, the importance of HIPAA compliance and assess health app security.

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What Are Supply Chain Attacks? And Why Should I Care?

Delve into the details of supply chain attacks and mitigation tactics that can help enterprise system administrators and app developers safeguard against these threats.

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An in-depth description of Quokka solutions.


Leading edge mobile device security delivering dynamic, actionable intelligence for fleet-wide protection.

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Detects security, privacy and code quality issues on iOS and Android Apps, without needing to access any source code.

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Quickly vets 3rd-party mobile apps before deployment to employees and app stores.

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Technical Papers

A full library of our published technical papers.

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Detecting and Measuring Misconfigured Manifest in Android Apps

This paper presents ManiScope, a tool to automatically detect misconfigurations of manifest files when given an Android APK. When implemented ManiScope identified misconfigured pre-installed apps with various security implications including app defrauding, message spoofing, and more.


101 Commands Technical Paper

We deeply examine an instance of an engineering app that allows external entities to invoke its “custom” commands that will execute in the privileged context of the engineering app.


Bootlooped - Assorted AOSP Attack Technical Paper

We examine some attack surfaces accessible to unprivileged third-party apps to determine how common functionality can be abused to affect the overall state of Android systems.


Use Cases

Detailed overview of how Quokka solutions solve real-world pain points.

Q-MAST Solution Spotlight: Banking

Global financial institutions trust Q-MAST to keep mobile apps safe, secure and compliant.

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Q-MAST Solution Spotlight: Medical Schools

Learn why some of the nation's leading medical schools choose Q-MAST for mobile application vetting and security.

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