Security that Meets Every Standard

Robust security measures for organizations where security matters most.

Security that Meets
Every Standard

Robust security measures
for organizations where
security matters most.

Quokka Knows the Rules

Quokka Knows
the Rules

We root out security and privacy risks in modern software and devices without accessing private data. From Mobile DevSecOps to enterprise compliance management, our solutions provide the peace of mind your organization deserves.

We meet the Most Rigorous
Compliance Standards

We meet the Most Rigorous Compliance Standards

We understand that regulatory standards and compliance improve mobile application development and ensure that enterprise network security teams protect the personal information of their customers and employees. We support the leading industry frameworks and regulatory compliance testing standards, so you don’t have to.

compliance chart
compliance chart

The Most Comprehensive
Compliance Reports Available

The Most Comprehensive Compliance Reports Available

Quokka’s proactive security solutions were built to meet the most stringent security regulations and standards.

Our comprehensive app reports include a risk score for each compliance standard. Dive deeper into the report where we’ve identified the explicit article or reason for noncompliance. You’ve got all the information you need to address specific compliance issues quickly and efficiently.

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Putting Compliance to the Test: Quokka and NIAP

Vetting apps for government smartphones was demanding enough on the Department of Homeland Security before the Covid-19 pandemic drove employees to remote work in March 2020. The previous NIAP security testing timeline consumed almost 60 hours of work on-site and could take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Despite it being a time of uncertainty, the Department issued a challenge: speed up the testing process even with a workforce in flux.

In partnership with the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate and National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), Quokka delivered a pilot program that automated testing. It stripped away hours of lab time for remote workers and dramatically increased the speed of the evaluation process. Ninety percent of the process could be cut to as little as two hours.

Given the results, Quokka's vetting infrastructure is now being used to perform automated analysis for NIAP compliance and app vetting.

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APCO Pilot: Safeguarding First Responders

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Consumers have reluctantly come to expect disruptions from malware or security breaches in their programs and mobile apps, but First Responders must rely on rock-solid security. After all, they’re using their mobile devices in matters of life and death.

The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International created the Application Community ( to act as the ultimate authority for public safety apps.

APCO enlisted Quokka to work jointly with the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) to create an automated app vetting procedure within AppComm to detect security vulnerabilities and privacy issues in apps used by public safety officials. We were also tasked with recruiting app developers to join the evaluation process.

Once again, when privacy and security are of utmost importance, governments and regulatory bodies look to Quokka as an invaluable partner.

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Under the Promise of Early Success, CISA Expands its Beta Mobile App Vetting Service

CISA is proud to expand access to the Mobile App Vetting (MAV) service. CISA granted MAV an Authorization to Operate on February 8th, 2023, acknowledging the service’s key role in combating a growing risk of mobile app vulnerabilities threatening Federal Civilian Executive Branch (FCEB) agencies. Moreover, it is available at no cost to the user.

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Mobile Application Security Best Practices for Fintech Apps

In-depth guide on Quokka's industry leading mobile application security testing solution, Q-MAST, currently used by the world's leading financial institutions.

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Disclosure and the Many Flavors of Android

Inside the different Android versions and flavors. What happens when a security device vulnerability has been found and the vendor fixes it.

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