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Defense in Depth: How MAST and Pen Testing Work Together

In this on-demand webinar with Trustwave, a premier penetration testing provider, we delve into the complementary roles of Manual Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) and Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) in fortifying mobile app security.

Q-Scout 101 | The Next Revolution in BYOD & Mobile Security

Discover how Q-Scout is redefining mobile device security in BYOD settings, ensuring robust protection without compromising user privacy.

Protecting The Mobile Ecosystem - Part 2

In this follow-up webinar with infosec.live, Quokka's Ilya Dreytser shares insights on app collusion and unknown app risks.

Protecting The Mobile Ecosystem - Part 1

In this on-demand webinar, infosec.live's founder and Quokka's Ilya Dreytser discuss risky mobile apps and devices.

Looking Forward to 2024 & Reviewing Top Mobile Security & Privacy Trends in 2023

Mobile app security experts discuss the top mobile security and privacy trends they've observed in 2023 to inform how to build a safer mobile ecosystem in 2024.

Safeguarding Federal Agency Mobile Applications and Devices

Experts discuss Quokka’s Mobile Application Security Testing and Application Vetting solutions and how FCEB agencies can take advantage of this service without an impact to their annual budget.

Is Your Mobile App Supply Chain Putting Your Organization at Risk?

Demand for innovative mobile apps has led to organizations seeking third-party support for development and UX. However, outsourcing can create security challenges, leaving users open vulnerabilities. This webinar outlines application security during and after the development process.

Going Back into the Office? Learn How to Secure your BYOD & Protect Your Company

With many companies being in the early stages of returning to the office, we’re here to remind you that careful planning to secure employee’s devices during this time is very important and we’re here to help.

The Murky World of Supply Chain: How to Prevent and Mitigate Risks

Wondering what software supply chain attacks are? How can they affect you and the cyber world at large? And how can you best prevent one?

Preparing for International Travel Post-COVID

What you need to know about your mobile device and best-practices on handling mobile devices for international travel.


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