Quokka Introduces Personal Device Management and App Network Filtering Features to Enhance Mobile Security

Learn how Quokka's new Q-Scout capabilities can benefit your organization's mobile security strategy.

As more and more organizations adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, companies are seeking mobile security solutions that can protect their data while simultaneously respecting their employees’ privacy. Quokka’s mobile security solution, Q-Scout, offers just that. And now, with the introduction of our new Personal Device Management and App Network Filtering features, Quokka is taking mobile security to the next level.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Quokka’s new Q-Scout capabilities can benefit your organization’s mobile security strategy. Let’s dive in.

Personal Device Management at Your Fingertips

Q-Scout connects to BYOD devices via its Personal Device Manager (PDM) to proactively identify and remediate risks and vulnerabilities on each device, while keeping the device owner in full control. The Q-Scout architecture allows the device owner to set up their own device after an invite from their organization, including its connections to the enterprise(s). The owner of the device has full control over which enterprise apps are installed and what the enterprise can do and see on their device. The PDM provides an unprecedented layer of privacy between the device owner and the enterprise, limiting the enterprise’s visibility to only the approved enterprise apps and sharing the bare minimum of information to the enterprise.. The PDM has the ability to connect to multiple enterprises and each enterprise can add and remove apps to protect their data.

Q-Scout Personal Device Management Features and Definitions

q-scout pdm features and definitions

App Network Filtering

Quokka’s new App Network Filtering feature gives Q-Scout users the ability to block communication between apps on their mobile device and specific domains and select geographical locations. This allows administrators and device owners to get in front of potential vulnerabilities and address data leakage risks in the apps before they can be exploited.

This feature is particularly useful in blocking access to known phishing domains, reducing the attack surface available to cybercriminals. The App Network Filtering feature also gives users the ability to block specific networks without interrupting app usage. This enhances the security of data transmitted through the app without negatively impacting user experience. App Network Filtering is unique in its approach to network protection as all the enforcement happens on the end-user device without sharing any browsing data with Quokka or the enterprise. This approach preserves the privacy of the end user fully as compared to traditional VPN or Cloud-based network protection which may collect browsing patterns and behavior.

Implementation and Management

Quokka’s solution offers a simple and straightforward deployment process. Administrators invite employees to install Q-Scout on their devices and enroll in the deployment. This simple 2-step install and enroll process means no access to the physical device is required. The solution’s management capabilities also allow for remote updates and app configurations.

Administrators can create and enforce policies, monitor device and application usage, and detect and respond to security threats in real-time.  Organizations do not need large IT/Security teams to manage Q-Scout as the policies are enforced and remediation is applied automatically. This centralized management approach ensures that organizations have full control over their mobile security strategy.

Robust Security Solution for Organizations

Traditional device management solutions either take over control of the users device and have access to all their private information or control only the applications on BYOD without the ability to secure users from malicious apps and activities on the device. Q-Scout brings the best of both worlds to BYOD, where PDM allows the enterprise to provide the organization’s applications the user needs for their job and at the same time securing the user (and the company) from malicious exfiltration of enterprise or user private data. The Q-Scout experience allows end-users to be in control and truly trust the enterprise while preserving their privacy.

For organizations without an endpoint security solution in place, Q-Scout is a robust, easily deployed and managed security solution that includes key app management, anti-phishing and domain management features and adds critical proactive risk detection powered by Quokka’s industry-leading security detection and analysis.

Quokka’s solution includes crucial capabilities such as device and app management, data protection, and network security. This makes it an all-encompassing solution for organizations looking to implement a comprehensive mobile security strategy.


Q-Scout’s robust security features and centralized management capabilities make it an all-in-one solution for organizations looking to implement a comprehensive mobile security strategy. With Quokka’s Q-Scout solution, organizations can take proactive measures to protect their data and avoid costly data breaches that can harm both employees and the company’s reputation.

To learn more, view our press release and product page.

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