Quokka’s Q-Scout Solution Revolutionizes Device Management with Industry’s First Personal Device Management Solution

Mobile security solution transforms BYOD in an enterprise ecosystem, prioritizing the privacy of company and personal data.

News Highlights

  • Quokka’s BYOD- and privacy-first mobile security solution introduces Personal Device Management feature
  • Q-Scout prioritizes personal privacy while providing proactive risk detection and mitigation for mobile fleets
  • New App Network Filtering functionality allows users to use their favorite apps while blocking undesired connections to places like Russia or China


June 7, 2023 – McLean, VA, United States – Quokka, Inc., a mobile security and privacy solutions company, today announced that Q-Scout has received major feature updates, including the addition of Personal Device Management (PDM) and Application Network Filtering (ANF).

Per Gartner® analyst, James Hoover “Identity-first security approaches can lead to better security outcomes, but push controls closer to the user than in other paradigms. This research can help security and risk management leaders improve both security and user experience by taking a human-first approach to identity-first security.”¹ With this in mind Quokka’s Q-Scout BYOD and privacy-first mobile security solution was developed to meet the intense security challenges following a global shift to remote and hybrid work and use of personal devices.

For organizations without an endpoint security platform in place, Q-Scout is a robust, easily deployed and managed security solution that doesn’t compromise employee privacy and data. Now, with Q-Scout’s PDM feature, enterprises can establish mobile security policies at the app level and reduce their liability into personal privacy and data regulations. Device owners can set their own parameters, including enterprise permissions and what the enterprise can do and see on their device and remediate any issues appropriately. This innovative PDM feature bridges the gap of the flexibility and privacy employees want with the security an organization needs.

Q-Scout Personal Device Management Features:

  • Corporate Managed Apps Distribution
  • Business Data Control
  • Zero Trust Policy Access to Business Resources
  • Self Remediation for Continued Access

Additionally, Q-Scout’s newly added Application Network Filter functionality allows device owners to take control of where apps are sending their data. Users can now block specific domains, ad trackers, or entire countries from being contacted by their apps, without impacting the overall functionality of their devices. To ensure total privacy, filtering happens on the end-user device instead of in the cloud. Q-Scout ANF can be easily configured and turned on or off at any time.

“Quokka is fully committed to delivering organizations the features they need to stay ahead of mobile threats in today’s highly interconnected world,” said Vijay Pawar, Senior Vice President of Product, Quokka. “With the new App Network Filtering and Personal Device Management features, we give users new ways to control their privacy and data that weren’t yet available, from controlling what the enterprises see and the geographic locations that have access to your device to ensuring a human-first approach.”

For more Q-Scout information visit our blog on the new feature updates and our product page.

1. Gartner, How a Human-First Approach Will Make Your Identity-First Security Initiative a Success, Published 17 May 2023, By James Hoover

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

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