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Introducing Q-Scout, a Mobile Security Solution for the Modern World

Q-Scout - the first mobile security solution of its kind to balance
employee access to corporate networks with robust personal privacy

Q-Scout - the first mobile security solution of its kind to balance employee access to corporate networks with robust personal privacy

Tuesday, September 13, 2022McLean, VA, United States – Quokka, Inc., a mobile security company, today announced the launch of Q-Scout, a BYOD- and privacy-first security solution, developed to meet the intense security challenges following a global shift to remote work and use of personal devices. Q-Scout provides proactive, privacy-first protection to individuals and businesses, granting everybody in the new live and work anywhere ecosystem proactive, intelligent control over their digital security and privacy.

Q-Scout is both proactive and wise, leveraging an AI-based deep analytics model based on over 10 years of analysis to identify emerging vulnerabilities in near real time. It operates in the cloud with zero intrusion into personal data to deliver a frictionless light touch experience.

As more people use their personal mobile devices to conduct business, Q-Scout provides a better way for them and their company to understand and manage the digital security and privacy of those devices. Q-Scout takes the mystery out of device and application security, by identifying which apps are vulnerable to security events, which permissions expose them to data leaks, which data is being collected and where it is being sent, and more. Q-Scout’s patented proactive remediation engine takes practical and easy steps to mitigate risks, keeping users safe, happy, and secure in today’s complex digital world. Q-Scout is available for download in the Google app stores now, iOS will be available in early November.

“Q-Scout helps people strengthen their security position while maintaining user privacy, creating peace of mind for the businesses, communities and individuals taking part in an unprecedented digital convergence.” said Dana Waldman, CEO, Kryptowire. “As a company, we are on a mission to create security solutions that give businesses and individuals the true peace of mind they need to ensure corporate resources and end-user personal information are protected and Quokka Secure.”

For enterprise administrators, Q-Scout offers:

  • Secure BYOD
    • Protect corporate resources and preserve personal privacy with zero intrusion
    • Validate devices for vulnerabilities, behavioral, policy/compliance failures
    • Alert end user to non-compliance and remediate, without access to personal data
  • Proactive Protection
    • Create, tailor, manage corporate security policies and enforce them 24/7
    • Block non-compliant devices from corporate resources
    • Minimize false positives and avoid costly unnecessary security alerts
  • Guaranteed Personal Privacy
    • Reduce need for tightly controlled, company-owned devices
    • Assure adherence to industry privacy standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and more
    • Eliminate liabilities associated with accessing private personal data
  • Simplified Security Management
    • Access entire fleet of unmanaged and managed mobile devices from a single dashboard
    • Eliminate costs for dedicated staff to manage your device fleet with automated enforcement of corporate security policies

For individuals and employees, Q-Scout keeps you safe, happy, and secure with:

  • Guaranteed Personal Privacy
  • No personal data is seen or accessed, ever
    • No need to manage multiple devices for personal and professional needs
    • No monitoring or tracking of your apps or your information by company
    • Minimal risk of exploitation since vulnerabilities are identified early
  • Proactive Protection
    • End users have complete control over their device
    • New level of visibility allows users to take immediate action by seeing:
      • where their data is being sent
      • what apps are talking to each other
      • what apps are vulnerable
    • Actionable intelligence guides mitigation of risks so the device can be brought back into compliance with security policies before anything bad happens
    • Consistent, automatic validation of device apps keep personal devices secure

“Q-Scout is the first mobile security application that effectively balances corporate security and user privacy needs, unlocking the true potential of BYOD and other organizational networks,” said Roger Thornton, Co-Founder and General Partner Ballistic Ventures (formerly VP, Products & Technology AT&T Cybersecurity). “As more employees favor mobile devices and applications for personal and professional engagement, security solutions must protect organizational integrity without intruding into an individual user’s personal life. Q-Scout delivers on that promise.”

“We are at a time when privacy is hard to come by, with more and more people using apps for business, networking, shopping and more, it means a lot of your information is being collected and shared without your knowledge or permission,” said Suresh Batchu, co-founder, former CTO MobileIron, leader in Mobile Security and Management. “Along with security, privacy is paramount, Q-Scout provides a level of visibility into what’s really happening in your device that to date, nobody else can provide.”

To learn more about Q-Scout, please visit our product page and blog.

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The world of digital security is ready to evolve beyond distrust. We want less fear, and more peace of mind: less worry, and more confidence. Meet Quokka (formerly Kryptowire), a different kind of digital security and privacy company. Our proactive, light-touch solutions put users and their privacy first, helping people, teams, and enterprises around the world take back control of their digital security privacy in the new work and live anywhere world. Join us in being Quokka Secure.

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