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Kryptowire Announces Rebrand to Quokka

Quokka seeks to be the source for mobile security and privacy solutions, staying steps ahead of security threats and delivering peace of mind for the growing work from and live anywhere world

Quokka seeks to be the source for mobile security and privacy solutions, staying steps ahead of security threats and delivering peace of mind for the growing work from and live anywhere world

Monday, September 12, 2022McLean, VA, United States – Quokka, Inc., a mobile security and privacy company, today announced its official rebrand from Kryptowire to Quokka. Alongside the rebrand comes a refreshed mission to transform the world of digital security beyond distrust and provide proactive mobile security that makes you and your customers, organization, and employees feel safe and secure.

Aiming to be the antithesis of the security industry focused on living in fear, Quokka delivers ahead-of-the-curve security that’s proactive, positive, and securing devices for today and tomorrow’s work from and live anywhere world. Quokka strives to deliver trusted and secure solutions that give enterprises, developers, and end users the power of peace of mind by helping expose and fill security gaps before threats can cause damage. With more people working remotely and relying on their personal devices for work and personal purposes, they need a digital security experience that is positive and beneficial to both them and their employer.

Our users realize the benefits of being Quokka Secure through our “Find and Fill” security. We proactively identify security gaps, then provide the enterprise and the end user options to make the best fixes, all without intruding into private data and application use. Trusted devices. Protect end-users. Secure organizations. That’s the power of proactive mobile protection. That’s Quokka Secure.

“At Quokka, we believe digital security should be a proactive and positive experience that allows enterprises, developers and end-users to fill mobile security gaps before threats cause damage and data loss, “ said Quokka CEO Dana Waldman. “I’m thrilled to introduce and lead a company with a unique and fresh mindset, where we’re fully committed to maintaining users’ privacy, delivering users peace of mind and shifting the mobile security conversation in the process.”

Quokka is focused on delivering digital security and privacy solutions to the following three markets:

  • Private Sector: Business-focused tools and services to keep companies and employees safe.
  • Public Sector: Our most robust security measures for organizations where security matters most.
  • Individual: Pro-level security for all, non-invasive protection with personal privacy at the core.

“When we decided to change our brand, we knew we needed to identify one that represented our guiding ethos and brand promise to keep users safe, happy and secure,” said Jaime Le, Vice President of Marketing at Quokka. “We wanted a name we and our users could embrace and connect to, one with personality and established trust.”

We are a different kind of digital security and privacy company, we want our users to have less fear, and more peace of mind: less worry, and more confidence in their security solutions. Preserving personal privacy is at the core of what we do and our hope is that our users experience the freedom that comes with knowing they are Quokka Secure.

For more information on our suite of products, please visit to learn more.

Read a message from CEO, Dana Waldman in his blog here.

About Quokka, Inc.

The world of digital security is ready to evolve beyond distrust. We want less fear, and more peace of mind: less worry, and more confidence. Meet Quokka (formerly Kryptowire), a different kind of mobile security and privacy company. Our proactive, light-touch solutions put users and their privacy first, helping people, teams, and enterprises around the world take back control of their digital security privacy in the new work and live anywhere world.

Please visit or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter (@Quokka_io) for more information.

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