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Quokka Announces Integration with GitLab Inc. Enabling Developers
to Deliver High-Quality, Secure Mobile Apps to Market Faster

Quokka Announces Integration with GitLab Inc. Enabling Developers
to Deliver High-Quality, Secure Mobile Apps to Market Faster

The partnership will enable developers to test and
launch truly secure and private mobile applications

The partnership will enable developers to test and launch truly secure and private mobile applications

Tuesday, November 1, 2022McLean, VA, United States – Quokka, Inc., a mobile security and privacy solutions company, today announced it has joined GitLab Inc.’s global partner program. Quokka’s industry-leading Mobile Application Security Testing solution, Q-MAST, is available to developers on GitLab’s One DevOps Platform allowing mobile app developers to test their apps during the development process to help ensure they are delivering secure mobile applications with the requisite security standards and quality.

To meet users’ expectations and protect their corporate brand and reputation, developers need to build and deliver quality products that are secure and free from vulnerabilities. Q-MAST’s integration with GitLab’s DevOps Platform, now enables developers to scan their app through the Q-MAST platform during each stage of development. By embedding Q-MAST into the developer’s workflow and testing the code’s quality during the development process, security risks found in the app and the integrated software can be identified early on instead of late in the development process. This can save time and money for the developer, and assures a timely, higher quality app, with fewer security and privacy risks is delivered to customers.

“Aligned with rapid technology advancements, customers’ expectations have evolved to wanting instant access to new services and features, therefore leading companies to run on a strict schedule to deliver new or updated applications to the market,”said Ted Wolcott, Chief Strategy Officer at Quokka. “In turn, this requires a solution that can provide constant and fast application testing procedures, that identifies security and privacy risks within the app before it hits the market, and Q-MAST does this better than any other solution out there.”

“GitLab is building a world-class partner ecosystem. Advanced integrations, with partners like Quokka, help us deliver on our goal of providing customers with the most comprehensive, mature DevOps platform on the market,” said GitLab Senior Partner Program Manager Mike LeBeau. “Automating mobile application security testing in our pipelines enables us to help organizations innovate faster, scale more easily and serve and retain customers more effectively.”

For more information on Quokka’s Q-MAST visit:

About Quokka, Inc.

The world of digital security is ready to evolve beyond distrust. We want less fear, and more peace of mind: less worry, and more confidence. Meet Quokka (formerly Kryptowire), a different kind of digital security and privacy company. Our proactive, light-touch solutions put users and their privacy first, helping people, teams, and enterprises around the world take back control of their digital security privacy in the new work and live anywhere world. Join us in being Quokka Secure.

Please visit or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter (@Quokka_io) for more information.

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