Helping Mobile App Developers to Secure CI/CD Pipelines

Helping Mobile App Developers to Secure CI/CD Pipelines

The Importance of Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST)

Personal devices have become the center of our lives. In this work and live anywhere world, thousands of apps exist to support every aspect of our everyday routine from remote banking to a fitness app tracking personal statistics to online ordering at a local restaurant. With all of the personal information collected by such apps, developers must ensure they are as resistant as possible to any harmful attacks by malicious hackers by incorporating mobile app security testing into their software development life cycle.

Improving Software Delivery

When mobile app security testing is added to the CI/CD pipeline, developers can easily incorporate security into each stage of app development long before it is deployed. Detailed results from comprehensive static, dynamic and interactive analyses may include specifics like threats and related impacts, remediation guidance, and pass/fail evidence and help developers find and rectify security issues early, avoiding false positives. Entrusting your mobile app security testing to solutions providers enables you to focus on creating solid viable apps that are safe and secure.

Supply Chain Visibility

Software supply chains present new and more complex attack vectors that target organizations company-wide. These attacks have raised expectations on software suppliers to be accountable for any type of software compromise. Now, developers can generate SBOMs to identify third-party libraries across components, including version details and version-specific CVEs, translating into fewer false positives.

Quokka’s Q-MAST Solution

Q-MAST’s unique combination of advanced analysis engines digs deeper and tests more thoroughly than any other MAST solution on the market. Our combination of using SAST, DAST and IAST, plus extensive proprietary engines that go beyond these common methodologies enabling the discovery of more CVEs than any other application security company.

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Automated testing with Q-MAST means your Engineering, Security and DevOps teams spend less time and fewer resources on mitigating security, privacy and compliance risks and more time developing your apps.


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